Cooking Methods

Information adapted from LifeHacker

MethodTemperatureHeat TypeCooking TimeUses/Characteristics
Bake/RoastLow to HighdryVariesDesserts, Breads, Meat, Vegetables
Evenly distributed, indirect heat
BlanchHigh to IcemoistVery QuickVegetable, Fruit
Two steps: 1. Boil, 2. Dip in ice water
BoilHighmoistQuickPasta, Rice, Vegetables, Fruit
Rapid, large bubbles
BraiseMedium-LowmoistFairly SlowMeat
Tenderizes & intensifies flavor
Broil/GrillHighdryQuickMeat, Vegetables, Fruit
Direct heat - Cook, Char, Sear, Crust
Deep FryMediumdryVery QuickDesserts, Meat, Vegetables
Crispy - requires submersing in fat
Double BoilerLowdrySlowChocolate, Custards, Sauces
For delicate ingredients
Pan FryMediumdryQuickMeat, Vegetables, Fruit
Even cooking - requires little fat
PoachMedium-LowmoistSlowMeat, Vegetables, Fruit
Infuses flavor, keeps shape
SauteMedium-HighdryQuickMeat, Vegetables, Fruit
Searing - requires little fat
ScaldLowmoistQuickLiquids, Milk, Custards
For heating delicate ingredients
SimmerMedium-LowmoistSlowLiquids, Soups, Stocks, Reducing
Infrequent, small bubbles
SteamLowmoistSlowVegetables, Meat
Most gentle & retains nutrients
SweatMedium-LowdryFairly SlowVegetables
Used to extract flavor from items.
Torch/FlambeHighdryVery QuickDesserts. Meringues
Flame or lit alcohol to char/sear