Russian Style Trout

Sea Trout filets (about 2 Lbs.)
White Pepper
Eggs, Well Beaten
Toasted Bread Crumbs
Softened Butter
Hard Boiled Egg, Finely Chopped
Parsley Flakes
Pimento, Coursely Chopped
Lemons, Sliced Thin
Yellow Rice
Peanut Oil For. Frying
Salt and pepper fish filets
Mix beaten eggs and milk together
Dip filets in milk/eggs and roll in bread crumbs and refrigerate 1/2 hour min.
Mix butter, chopped egg, pimiento, garlic, parsley, and cracked pepper into a paste
Prepare yellow rice per package
Fry filets in peanut oil till golden brown
Place filets on a bed of rice and spread w/ butter paste as they come out of the pan
Garnish w/ lemon slices
Any mild white fish will work here Black sea bass is especially good.