Lamb Stew

3 Tbsp Olive Oil
2 Lbs. Boneless Lamb (cut into 1
1 Med. Onion, chopped
1 Clove Garlic, pressed
2 Tbsp Flour
1 1/2 Cups Chicken Broth
1/2 Cup Dry White Wine
2 Tbsp Lemon Juice
1 1/2 Tsp Salt
1/4 Tsp Dried Marjorarn
Heat dutch oven; add oil and lamb, cook until meat is browned, remove lamb from pan
Reserve 2 tbsp of drippings in pan, add onion and garlic and cook until tender, stirring constantly
Return lamb to pan and add flour, stir well
Add chicken broth, wine, lemon juice, salt, marjoram, rosemary, pepper and bay leaf
Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 30 min.
Add onions, potatoes and shallots, cover and simmer 20 min.
Remove bay leaf
Serve with popovers